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School of Mathematics and Statistics traces its roots to Department of Mathematics created in 1928. After the university was moved and re-located in Xi’an in 1956, the school was known as part of Department of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics. The Department of Mathematics was restored in 1979, and merged with Department of Physics to establish School of Science with in 1994. The year of 2011 saw the founding of School of Mathematics and Statistics. Currently, the school is composed of six departments, including Department of Mathematics, Department of Applied Mathematics, Department of Information Science, Department of Statistics, and Department of Computational Geoscience, as well as Mathematical Teaching Center and Mathematical Experiment Center. Besides, the school also comprises Research Center for Basic Sciences, International Research Center for Mathematical and Computing Geodetics, Institute for Information and System Sciences, Institute for Scientific Computation, and Institute of Statistical Decision and Machine Learning.

The school is authorized to confer Ph. D degrees of mathematics and statistics, covering five majors including computational mathematics, applied mathematics, basic mathematics, probability and statistics, operation and control theory. A postdoctoral research station is established at the school. Computational mathematics is renowned as the national key subject.

The school offers undergraduate programs in information and computational mathematics, mathematics and applied mathematics, statistics, and talented students program in mathematics and applied mathematics. The school has developed National Research & Teaching Center for Basic Science since 2008.

The school has a total of 116 faculty members, including one academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 30 professors and 34 associate professors. One professor has been designated as Chief Scientist of 973 Projects, one as Qianren Professor, one as National Master Teacher, and six as Changjiang Professors, and six as XJTU Tengfei Professor. Six professors have been granted the fund for New-Century Outstanding Talents by the Ministry of Education.

Guided by scientific issues and driven by applied problems, the school is committed to strengthening interdisciplinary research and highlighting application as a basic discipline at such an engineering-oriented university. With focus on the interdisciplinary research on information science, fluid mechanics, life science, economy and finance, the school has made a great amount of important achievement and, particularly, has taken a lead in the interdisciplinary research on mathematics and information science. In recent years the school has received continuous support from national key projects such as 973 and 863 projects and NSFC key projects. It ranked No. 9 according to the results of disciplinary assessment by Ministry of Education in 2012. The amount of SCI papers published by faculty members ranked No. 6 among mathematical disciplines of colleges and universities around in China in 2006. Three papers ranked in the list of ESI highly cited papers. The impact of SCI papers published by faculty members exceeded the average impact of global mathematical disciplines in 2011. In 2012, faculty members published 128 SCI papers. The mathematics discipline of the school ranked in top 1% globally according to ESI in 2013. The school has been granted two prizes of the National Natural Science Award of China (second class)and two prizes of the National Award on Scientific and Technological Advances of China (second class). Prof. Zongben Xu was invited to deliver a sectional talk at International Congress of Mathematicians in 2010, and he is also the winner of CSIAM Su Buchin Applied Mathematics Prize which is the top honor in the applied mathematical field of China.

The school has been engaged with teaching reform and practice, playing an exemplary role in the construction of college mathematical curriculum around the country. It has been the director unit for five sessions in the past seven sessions of Teaching Guidance Committee for Mathematic Education, the Education Ministry of China. It also took charge of the compilation and revision of the curriculum norm of college mathematical education. It has host the Summer School for College Mathematical Teachers in Western China and Surrounding Areas since 2003, which makes important contribution to the improvement of their teaching and research. Proposed by four institutions of the Ministry of Education, the first open teaching research center in the country, the Research and Development Center for College Mathematics Teaching was established at the school in 2009.


Dean: Prof.  Peng, Jigen  Secretary: Prof. Zhu, Xu 

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